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Unpacking the Myths: What Happens During a Hoarder Cleanup?

Unpacking the Myths: What Happens During a Hoarder Cleanup?

You've probably seen hoarder cleanups on TV and wondered what happens during one of these jobs. Today, we'll unpack some myths about hoarder cleanup and give you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on. Trust us, it's not as glamorous as you might think, but it's a job that requires care and compassion.

Many people think that hoarder cleanup is just about throwing things away - That's not always the case.

Contrary to popular belief, hoarding cleanups are not just about throwing out hoarded items. Hoarding involves much more. Hoarder cleanups are a painstaking process aiming to give hoarders and their families an improved quality of life while considering hoarding disorder.

Cleaning up a hoarded home consists of trained professionals who come in and organize the space using professional organizing principles and effective strategies tailored to each individual situation. Furthermore, they also provide emotional support for hoarders and their families throughout the entire cleaning process.

Through this supportive approach, rather than just trashing hoarded items, hoarder cleanup provides a unique service that helps those with hoarding disorder regain control over their lives.

People who need hoarder cleanups often deal with underlying issues like anxiety or depression.

It's easy to dismiss hoarding as merely a physical dilemma - boxes, bins, and piles of stuff that need to be thrown away or properly organized. But there's often an emotional element to it as well, particularly when it comes to people dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Hoarding can reflect those conditions that actively prevent the individual from getting help for their emotional issues. This is why facilitating a hoarder cleanup should always go hand in hand with access to mental health professionals. Otherwise, you'll sweep the problem over the rug instead of offering meaningful help!

A hoarder cleanup can be emotional and difficult but can also change lives.

Hoarding cleanup can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be emotionally draining. In many cases, cleaning up a hoarder's home brings along an unexpected sense of relief. Separating items into “keep” and “discard” piles can help clear out the home and free oneself from holding onto objects that have served their purpose.

Hoarding cleaning can go deeper than just discarding; it can also help those affected find meaning in the items they choose to keep. Not only will this reduce stress and mental clutter, but it might even lend itself to rediscovering cherished possessions, stories, and memories.

After a hoarder cleanup is complete, the home will often look and feel much better - and so will the person who lives there.

After the murky depths of the hoarder cleanup are plumbed, the difference is night and day. Once densely filled with valuable items and just plain ol' junk, the home now feels airier, brighter, and infinitely more pleasant. Even the atmosphere changes when you walk through the doors.

And the person who lives there? Well, the outlook of hoarding can be difficult to combat. Still, it's no surprise that the perspective on life for the individual living in a freshly-cleaned home often significantly improves. A heartening outcome after a challenging task!

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Many people think that hoarder cleanups are just about throwing things away, but that's not always the case. People who need hoarder cleanups often deal with underlying issues like anxiety or depression. A hoarder cleanup can be emotional and difficult, but it can also be cathartic. After a hoarder cleanup is complete, the home will often look and feel much better - and so will the person who lives there.

If you or a loved one are dealing with hoarding, our restoration technicians at Bio-One of Modesto can help you. With professional help, hoarding can become a manageable condition.

Hoarder cleanup with Bio-One of Modesto - Before/After.
Hoarder cleanup with Bio-One of Modesto - Before/After.

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